giovedì 24 dicembre 2009

Kudu - "Bar Star"

Kudu is a great and interesting band from Brooklyn, NYC. In 2005 they released Bar Star, toghether with the amazing following super8 videoclip...

This song can be considered as a tribute to Sheila E, best known for her collaboration with Prince.
Kudu's singer says the phrase "Love Bizarre" in the first bridge which is also a Sheila E song, and the video reminds me "The Glamorous Life" Sheila E.'s video, from which I think they sampled the intro synth part...

mercoledì 23 dicembre 2009

Uffie - "Pop the glock"

She's young, she's sooooo sexy.... she's Uffie!
She said she was Ready to f*ck and, sooooooon got pregnant! WoOoOoOoOoW!

Let's talk about her first single Pop the glock.

It was first released in 2006 on Ed Banger Records, produced by Mr.Oizo and Feadz, her boyfriend at that time.

On october 2009 it was re-released as an EP, as a promotional release for her upcoming album Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans that will be out in early 2010.
A music video was released on October 3, 2009 and was directed by Nathalie Canguilhem.

This song samples the intro drum riff and quote most part of lyrics and flow of Top Billin' by Audio Two

Her latest single, "MC's Can Kiss" was leaked onto the internet on December 12, 2009 and will be officially released on February 1, 2010.

L-VIS 1990 - "Come Togheter"

"L-Vis 1990, a.k.a. James Connolly, is a Brighton-based renaissance man who turns his hand to graphic design and music videos for Riton and Van Helden as well as his thumping beats. Despite leaving behind his breaks background, L-Vis 1990 has come full circle and nods in that direction on more than one occasion.

Influenced by pretty much everything with a beat in club land, from Europe to the US and drum & bass to electro, L-Vis 1990 has coaxed together the best bits to create some wicked dance music: in the true sense of the word.

Rather cheekily, L-Vis 1990 held the official funeral of “new rave” at his Brighton club night, So Loud, last summer when it was still riding high in the mainstream press. As he recalls: "We painted a giant banner with the words "New Rave R.I.P" written in blood. I think that was the turning point for me, the return of bass". He has brought his self-titled “hyper bass” to save us all from suffocating in the all-consuming attack from the Ed Banger mafia."

(via DataTransmission)

In 2009 he released different white labels and EPs, such as United Groove, published on Mad Decent label.

United Groove Ep contains "Come together":

This song is a re-work of "Come together" by B.A.R. feat. Roxy a big 90s italodance project.

If you liked the "hyper bass sound" check out the L-Vis Dubplates Mix 09 and also the "Compass/Zahonda" EP.

It was released in October 2009 on Sound Pellegrino, a brand new house and techno label run by Orgasmic and Tekilatex.

venerdì 18 dicembre 2009

Bombaman - "Exia"

Matt Carl aka Bombaman is a Canadian Dubstep producer and one half of dubstep duo Loetech.

On June he released the Face Down EP on ESP Records, an italian record label dedicated to electronic dance music, based in Milan.

This Ep contains Exia a samshing hit featured also on Crookers WMIG mix.

This is the new school Techstep madness!

This song contains a sample taken from "Face Down Ass Up" by 2 Live Crew.

martedì 1 dicembre 2009

3 is a Crowd - " What Is A DJ? "

3 is a Crowd are a dj and producers trio from Milan. They belong to the new electro italian scene, and together with Crookers, Congorock and His Majesty Andre they're burning down dancefloors all over the world!

What's is a DJ? has been around since 2008 and we found it in different podcasts and live sets. The official release was signed on March 2009 with Mental Groove Records.

The intro part contains a vocal sample of What Is a D.J. If He Can't Scratch by Egyptian Lover (1984)

We also enjoy the jazz part at 1:22 but we searched a looooooooooot on blogs and forum without answers...
Now we got it! We use Logic for mixes and music production, and, scrolling the loop library, we found a loop called: 44th Street Long (into the jazz loop section). That's it!

3 is a Crowd did also a lot of remixes such as:
- Congorock - "Exodus (3IAC Back To Home Mix)"
- Useless Wooden Toys - "Fuckin' Business (3 Is A Crowd Columbia Mix)"
- Stereoheroes - "Washout (3 Is A Crowd Rmx) [Crux]"

Meanwhile they released different tracks, and they've signed a brand new EP that will be out on La Valigetta records label.

Stay tuned!

venerdì 20 novembre 2009

Titan - "Bruxism Groove"

It's the return of the fat electro funk sound!
Italy strikes again, thanks to Titan and La Valigetta, an indie-label that has been producing some of the greatest italian artists this year!

Titan is a young and talented artist from the italian region of Abruzzo.
About a year ago, he released his first track, working on an old electro italo-disco song, chopping and rearranging the samples on his laptop. He then started to promote his track on web, music blogs and music labels.

La Valigetta, is one of the most interesting italian indie-label of the year. It was started two years ago by Allo and Coojo, two guys with an hip hop/electro/indie/funk background. Today they're producing artists like Useless Wooden Toys, Blatta & Inesha, 3 is a Crowd, and in 2010 they will distribute the italian release of Rifoki project (Bob Rifo & Steve Aoki) .

Titan's met Allo and his label; they listened and enjoyed the track, then edited, remastered the song and released it as "Bruxism Groove".

And that's what it sound like:

This song contains a long music sample taken from Go Away Little Girl by Easy Going, an 80's electro funk italian gay duo, named after a famous club in Rome and produced by Claudio Simonetti e Giancarlo Meo.

Check out this interview, in which Allo talks about his personal experience as a producer within a so called new electro scene.

In the beginning there was Titan, then A-trak and Van Helden try to release the Duck Sauce project...and the rest is history!

sabato 14 novembre 2009

Lady Gaga - "Bad Romance"

This is a super crappy post about a new song. Let's see what happen if I'll sing:

Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-roma-mamaa! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la! Want your bad romance..."

Ok, I think you know it, because it's an heavy rotation on every radio in these days. This song is "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga.

You know what? It's a pop song sample based!
In fact, if you listen it you can for sure recognize pieces from one of the most sampled dutch song: Dominator by Human Resource.

This song overruled the dutch clubs in 1991 and even made the top-10 of the dutch chart . In 1992 it was a massive worldwide club hit. Written, produced, arranged and programmed by Johan van Beek and Robert Mahu.

Warp by The Bloody Beetroots ft. Steve Aoki, can be considered a tribute to that amazing screaming synth! Love the way they use it and reverse it through the end of the song.

giovedì 29 ottobre 2009

Fake Blood - "I Think I Like It"

"I think I like I think I like I think I like it like it Liiiiiiiiiii...of you of you of you all my life...."

Fake Blood did it again! I Think I like it! This song is amazing! Crookers used it to open their 2nd "animals" micromix...check it!
Of course it's a sample-based track!

Sersjee, a dutch user, identified and posted the original track sampled and re-worked by Fake Blood in his "I Think I Like it" version, appeared on Fix Your Accent EP, relased in August 2009!

It's a 1979 classic disco track, called "In the heat of a disco night" by Arabesque.

Please, show some love!

venerdì 16 ottobre 2009

Duck Sauce - "aNYway"

I got some brothers for you who are gonna put a hoogie in your boogie, the hunk in your funk, they are fingerlickin' good ya all about it...for Duck Sauce!...

Hey men! What's up! Duck Sauce is the brand new project of A-Trak and Armand Van Helden, two of the most amazing dj masterz. aNYway is their new single: it's soooooo funky and it's going to be out on october the 26th on Fool's Gold label!

Check it out!

Well ok, this song has a great funk - style, and of course, it's all about sample! it's a sort of Final Edition - No Limit / I Can Do It (Anyway You Want) re-edit.

This is a another video with A-Trak and Armand talking about their project!

mercoledì 30 settembre 2009

Pon De Floor - BigBamboo RMX

Hello everyone!
Working late at night I've just produced my second attempt to be a kind of dj!

Pon De Floor has been a Major Lazer massive club hit all over the world this summer.
I've tried to make it a little more fat and naughty!
This is all about vocals and squealin' synth sound! Check it out!
And What about the BigBamboo? Well, can't you feel the amazing carribean power through your ears? lol

You can DOWNLOAD PonDaFloor_BigBambooRMX from here! (right click and save)

And don't foget to vote my remix on Major Lazer Contest Page

lunedì 21 settembre 2009


L'ormai noto, e anche un pò vecchiotto primo Minimix di Smple It's a Sample, parteciperà al concorso invernale di Pacemaker!
Vota GiveMeSomeNewS*Hit MiniMix

giovedì 3 settembre 2009

Calvin Harris - "Colours"

Calvin Harris is at the top of charts with his new album Ready for the weekend, and all its singles such as Dance wiv Me, I'm not alone and the latest Flashback.

So let's step back in 2007, with his debut album I created Disco, a gold-selling and must have record, with such good hit singles like Acceptable in the 80's.
This album contains also a song called Colours.

For this song Calvin Harris sampled the synth part of Fade to Grey by Visage.

Sorry for the video version, but the official video couldn't be embedded!

Alessandro Parisi - Jorden

Hello everyone!

Alessandro Parisi a.k.a. Dr.Nash from the italian electro duo DMT Synth released his brand new personal project few days ago.

It's called Jorden and it's a concept album, an amazing 30 minutes non stop track, ranging over space-synth, italo-disco, acid and downtempo. It's the italian answer to long epic tracks as the four part of Planisphere by Justice.

It's in free download on his page and you can also download it from here!

giovedì 6 agosto 2009

BUGGEDOut! presenta Erol Alkan @ Circolo Magnolia

It's summertime, let's party, then!

BUGGEDOut! it's proud to present Erol Alkan dj set live tomorrow night at Circolo Magnolia (Milan)!

On the same stage:
VICTEAM (dj set)

Don't miss it!

lunedì 13 luglio 2009

Cassius - "Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes"

These are the last 24 hours countdown to a brand new Cassius release!

On July the 14th is going to comin' out Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarette the new sigle of the french duo Zdar/Boombass.

This is the new song used togheter with images taken from Gummo movie.

On B-Side we can find a rave version of Almost Cut my Hair by David Crosby.

You can listen to a preview of Cassius version here

sabato 4 luglio 2009

Die Verboten - "Live in Eivissa"

'Live In Eivissa' is the world-wide debut release by Die Verboten, an audio-visual side-project that can best be described as ‘space music’, bringing together the musical and visual talents of Soulwax, Riton and Fergadelic.

Die Verboten is a project that uses the studio as a compositional machine & a sound laboratory; a project that integrates sound & image.

This hand-numbered and stamped first edition includes an exclusive, 12" vinyl-only release of 'Live In Eivissa', an 18-minute epic recorded in Ibiza, on the A-side, and a unique laser-etched artwork on the B-side.

Also included is a unique 'pop-up' pyramid artwork whose geometric configuration is designed to focus the deep cosmic powers of the vinyl housed inside.

Created by artist Fergadelic, the folding pyramid features tapestry artwork and treated photographs taken at the Die Verboten recording sessions in Ibiza.

Inner sleeve also features exclusive artwork, and a list of all the analogue synthesizers and studio kit used in the sessions.

'Live In Eivissa' pressed on super-heavyweight 200-gram 12" vinyl crafted on the legendary EMI 1400.

via The Vinyl Factory

giovedì 2 luglio 2009

Club Dogo - "Notte Killer"

Club Dogo is an italian hip-hop band: in 2003 started with their first album MI FIST (i think this is their best album, 'cause after MI FIST they became a bit too gangsta...ah ah, ok we live in Italy but you can't always rap about bitches, parties, cocaine and mafia!)

There are different great songs in MI FIST album, such as Cronache di resistenza or Indecifrabili (feat. Lamaislam) and of course Notte Killer:

A friend of mine send me this great sample ID from Rotterdam!
(Thank you Ema)

In this song, Club Dogo used a sample taken from It's a Shame by Alton Ellis, the king of rocksteady !

mercoledì 1 luglio 2009

D.I.D. - Time for Shopping E.P.

Hello everyone!
This is our first post of Listen Up a new blog section where we are going to talk about brand new sounds and bands that we are listening to!

We'd like to start with D.I.D., an interesting italian band from Turin, with goooood Hot Chip and James Murphy influences!

They released a couple of EP:
- Ask U2 (free downloadable_click on it!)
- Time for Shopping E.P. (released on Foolica Records)

They promoted a "Time for Shopping - Remix Contest" that eneded yesterday June the 30th, and so we are waiting for the winner!
Meanwhile check out the submitted tracks!

BUGGEDOut! presenta Ed Banger Night @ Circolo Magnolia

No matter if you are an hypster, a clubber or you just want to hang out and get booze!
BUGGEDOut! together with PVC Agency present an amazing one night party with Dj Mehdi and Feadz from the Ed Banger crew, on July the 3rd at Circolo Magnolia (Milan)!

Feadz is promoting his brand new P*N*M*B EP, comin' out on July the 6th!

We will party hard at Big Frog Stage with:
DJ MEHDI (dj set)
FEADZ (dj set)
PLUGS (live)
VICTEAM (dj set)

Out Frog stage:

It's all about People, Numbers, Money and Business!

domenica 28 giugno 2009

Creature Festival 2009

Creature Festival this year is at its third edition, and it's going to take palce on 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th of July in Lodi (Italy) @ Parco Belgiardino, near the Adda river.

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

This Festival is promoted by CLAM (Associazione Culturale) and Rebelkidmusic togheter with Comune di Lodi (Informagiovani e Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili) and Provincia di Lodi.

Let's take a look to the Line Up:

A lot of new bands will perform at Creature Festival, a no-profit event that is born as a big meeting of musical and cultural movements that works in the self-production and distribution market, in order to share their own expereinces and new ideas, with the aim of enlarging the communication process that is not always easy these days.

During the festival is possible to skate on a brand new 12 meters Minidumb Pipe powered by Dumb Skateboards, so you'd better bring your decks with you!

Creature Festival is completely FREE!
See you there!

giovedì 25 giugno 2009


Jazz:Re:Found is an interesting jazz and avant-garde music festival that starts tomorrow evening @ Piazzale Ex Cash'n'Carry (Mundiriso) -Vercelli, Italy

Let's take a look at the program:

Friday June 26th :::
20.00 Pixelorchestra + ESP
21.00 Josè James (Live)
22.00 Giorgio Valletta (Xplosiva)
22.45 Sweet Vandals (Live)
23.45 Dj Fede
00.30 JAZZANOVA feat. Paul Randolph (Live)

02.00 Deda aka Katzuma (Indoor Party)

Saturday June 27th :::
16.00 Writing Contest ”Write the Beat”
18.00 Liveband Contest
21.00 Painè Djset
22.30 Flowriders feat. Colonel Red (Live)
23.30 Dj Pandaj DjSet
00.30 LAMB (Live)

02.00 Garage Paradise (Indoor Party)

Sunday June 28th :::
16.00 ”DAI OR DIE” Miniramp Skate Contest
17.00 Superfly Soundsystem
19.00 Dj Contest
20.00 Suz (Live)
21.00 Stephanie McKay (Live)
22.30 Hot 8 Brass Band (Live)

I whish I could be there for Jazzanova that are touring all over the world promoting thier last album "Of all the things" , which is one of my favorites:

And of course for the acid-downbeat-trip-hop melodies of Lamb:

Army of Dustinn Live - Estatek

Dustinn is a mysterious electro post proto punk duo from Milan.

Togheter with Tekno Motive Sound System they are proud to present Estatek, an amazing one night electro party, that will take place on Saturday July the 4th, 2009 in an amazing secret place!

Don't miss it!

Let's join them on thier facebook event page!

Ol' Dirty Bastard - "Got Your Money"

Hey, what's up men?
Ah ah ah, today we are going back to the 90's and meet one of the craziest guys ever. His name was ODB (Ol' Dirty Bastard), he was part of Wu Tang Clan and after a couple of great album he passed away because of drugs overdose.
One of his greatest single is of course "Got your Money" published on 1999 on Nigga Please album.
This song was produced by The Neptunes and featured Kelis voice on chorus.

This song sampled the piano and bass part of 1988 Children's Story by Slick Rick.

It also sample a musical part and video from 1975 blaxploitation Dolemite movie.

"I'm gonna let 'em know that Dolemite is back on the scene! I'm gonna let 'em know that Dolemite is my name, and fuckin' up motha fuckas is my game! "

martedì 9 giugno 2009

Tomas Andersson - "Washing Up (Tiga Remix)"

Hello everyone!

What's up then? We are in love with all Tiga's production and we are enjoy his last album release Ciao!.
This guy, togheter with Soulwax, seems to have a special magic touch with all the musical stuff they handle.
Now let's focus on a special Tiga remix: we are talking about his Tomas Andersson - Washing Up rmx.

For this production Tiga chopped and sampled a drum beat intro part of a great piece of music: Patrick Cowley & Sylvester - Do You Wanna Funk
It's a sort of 80's electro music sound tribute.

martedì 19 maggio 2009

Simple It's a sample wants you!

Simple it's a sample wants you!
Preparate le vostre palette Pantone, temperate le matite, la competition sta per iniziare!


Simple it's a sample wants you!
Prepare your Pantone palette, sharpen your pencils, the funniest competition is coming!

lunedì 18 maggio 2009

Mr. Oizo - "Two takes it"

Welcome back!
Reading one of the best "samples finding" blog I was quite exciting to discover that:

Last Mr. Oizo album Lamb's anger contains al lot of smashing songs, one of this is Two Takes It feat. Carmen Castro

The vocal part is a sample taken from It Takes Two by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock

Of course, the father of all this beats and samples is 1972 track: Think (About it) by Lyn Collins

Listen at 1:37

Now let's go back to Mr. Oizo; the brass riff part is sampled from You Know How To Love Me by Phyllis Hyman

Flo Rida feat. Kesha - "Right Round"

Hello guys! We are starting a brand new week and this is our new sample found.

Today we are talking about a big commercial hit that is spinning on radio these days: he's Flo Rida and the song is Right Round (feat. Kesha) from his new album R.o.o.t.s.

In this Mtv interview he says that when he was young he's been inspired by 80's music, thanks to his 7 sisters. And so, here it is!

Listen to this song, and find where all the Flo Rida ideas come from...
This is Dead or Alive , it was 1989 , and the song was called You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)

I prefer the original version, though. 80s sounds rules!

venerdì 15 maggio 2009

Audio Bullys - "We Don't Care"

Hello everybody!
Today we are talking about a 2003 smashing hit!
Do you remember the amazing face of the bully boy in this video?

Of course, they're Audio Bullys and the song's We don't Care !

This songs contains a sample taken from Big Bad Wolf by Bunny and the Wolf Sisters included in the original soundtrack of the cult movie TeenWolf
(Michael J. Fox rules)

In this song we can hear a guitar riff at 0:10 and a Vocoded voice at 0:25, directly sampled by Audio Bullys for thier track!

What da f*ck!

giovedì 14 maggio 2009

Breakbot - "Penelope Pitstop"

I remeber a couple of years ago, I was wandering on MySpace, searching for great music, and founded Tvyks, a Czech Republic dj and producer.
I listened to How much is the milk?, show some love to this track, and Tvyks himself mail me this song.
That's amazing.

Today, I found a video of Penelope Pitstop by Breakbot on Youtube.

I think Breakbot has been inspired by Tvyks song for the bassline of this track!
And now I even love it more!

lunedì 11 maggio 2009

Death in Vegas - "Hands around my throat"

I know this song because of a TV commercial ad!

They're Death in Vegas and the song's called Hands around my Throat taken from their 2002 album Scorpio Rising.

The instrumental intro part is sampled from Whitewater by Tortoise, taken from A Digest Compendium Of The Tortoise's World 1996 album.

You can listen to a preview of this song here!

domenica 10 maggio 2009

Mr. Flash - "Disco Dynamite"

Hello guys!
I've just got a sample ID!

Do you remember the crazy groove build up by Mr. Flash in his smashing club hit Disco Dynamite?

The intro part contains a sample taken from Bamalama by Belle Epoque.

sabato 9 maggio 2009

Busy P - Rainbow Man

Hello guys!
Searching for Italo Disco tracks on YouTube we can find a lot of amazing and inspirational sounds.
We can say that Italian "B Movie" is to Quentin Tarantino as Italo Disco is to New French Electro Scene, right?

This morning I'm in love with a 1984 track:"Music Colours" by Cellophane, an 80's italian duo formed by Alessandro Novaga and Giorgio Paganini.

I think that Busy P took a lot of inspiration from this Cellophane song, for his "Rainbow Man", both for the intro part and for the album artwork in which we can find the color spectrum of the rainbow!

Italians do it better! lol

Royksopp - Happy Up Here

Hello my friends!
Welcome back on Simple it's a sample after a long time of stand-by...
Starting from now, we are going to post down al the past entries to this blog.

Our norwegian friends Royksopp has good news: Happy Up Here, the first single to be taken from Junior will be out on 16th March 2009.

This song is based on a 1976 Parliament track called Do that Stuff.
The Parliament-Funkadelic is a funk music collective headed by George Clinton. Please, check out their Wiki page.