giovedì 25 giugno 2009


Jazz:Re:Found is an interesting jazz and avant-garde music festival that starts tomorrow evening @ Piazzale Ex Cash'n'Carry (Mundiriso) -Vercelli, Italy

Let's take a look at the program:

Friday June 26th :::
20.00 Pixelorchestra + ESP
21.00 Josè James (Live)
22.00 Giorgio Valletta (Xplosiva)
22.45 Sweet Vandals (Live)
23.45 Dj Fede
00.30 JAZZANOVA feat. Paul Randolph (Live)

02.00 Deda aka Katzuma (Indoor Party)

Saturday June 27th :::
16.00 Writing Contest ”Write the Beat”
18.00 Liveband Contest
21.00 Painè Djset
22.30 Flowriders feat. Colonel Red (Live)
23.30 Dj Pandaj DjSet
00.30 LAMB (Live)

02.00 Garage Paradise (Indoor Party)

Sunday June 28th :::
16.00 ”DAI OR DIE” Miniramp Skate Contest
17.00 Superfly Soundsystem
19.00 Dj Contest
20.00 Suz (Live)
21.00 Stephanie McKay (Live)
22.30 Hot 8 Brass Band (Live)

I whish I could be there for Jazzanova that are touring all over the world promoting thier last album "Of all the things" , which is one of my favorites:

And of course for the acid-downbeat-trip-hop melodies of Lamb:

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