lunedì 13 luglio 2009

Cassius - "Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes"

These are the last 24 hours countdown to a brand new Cassius release!

On July the 14th is going to comin' out Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarette the new sigle of the french duo Zdar/Boombass.

This is the new song used togheter with images taken from Gummo movie.

On B-Side we can find a rave version of Almost Cut my Hair by David Crosby.

You can listen to a preview of Cassius version here

sabato 4 luglio 2009

Die Verboten - "Live in Eivissa"

'Live In Eivissa' is the world-wide debut release by Die Verboten, an audio-visual side-project that can best be described as ‘space music’, bringing together the musical and visual talents of Soulwax, Riton and Fergadelic.

Die Verboten is a project that uses the studio as a compositional machine & a sound laboratory; a project that integrates sound & image.

This hand-numbered and stamped first edition includes an exclusive, 12" vinyl-only release of 'Live In Eivissa', an 18-minute epic recorded in Ibiza, on the A-side, and a unique laser-etched artwork on the B-side.

Also included is a unique 'pop-up' pyramid artwork whose geometric configuration is designed to focus the deep cosmic powers of the vinyl housed inside.

Created by artist Fergadelic, the folding pyramid features tapestry artwork and treated photographs taken at the Die Verboten recording sessions in Ibiza.

Inner sleeve also features exclusive artwork, and a list of all the analogue synthesizers and studio kit used in the sessions.

'Live In Eivissa' pressed on super-heavyweight 200-gram 12" vinyl crafted on the legendary EMI 1400.

via The Vinyl Factory

giovedì 2 luglio 2009

Club Dogo - "Notte Killer"

Club Dogo is an italian hip-hop band: in 2003 started with their first album MI FIST (i think this is their best album, 'cause after MI FIST they became a bit too gangsta...ah ah, ok we live in Italy but you can't always rap about bitches, parties, cocaine and mafia!)

There are different great songs in MI FIST album, such as Cronache di resistenza or Indecifrabili (feat. Lamaislam) and of course Notte Killer:

A friend of mine send me this great sample ID from Rotterdam!
(Thank you Ema)

In this song, Club Dogo used a sample taken from It's a Shame by Alton Ellis, the king of rocksteady !

mercoledì 1 luglio 2009

D.I.D. - Time for Shopping E.P.

Hello everyone!
This is our first post of Listen Up a new blog section where we are going to talk about brand new sounds and bands that we are listening to!

We'd like to start with D.I.D., an interesting italian band from Turin, with goooood Hot Chip and James Murphy influences!

They released a couple of EP:
- Ask U2 (free downloadable_click on it!)
- Time for Shopping E.P. (released on Foolica Records)

They promoted a "Time for Shopping - Remix Contest" that eneded yesterday June the 30th, and so we are waiting for the winner!
Meanwhile check out the submitted tracks!

BUGGEDOut! presenta Ed Banger Night @ Circolo Magnolia

No matter if you are an hypster, a clubber or you just want to hang out and get booze!
BUGGEDOut! together with PVC Agency present an amazing one night party with Dj Mehdi and Feadz from the Ed Banger crew, on July the 3rd at Circolo Magnolia (Milan)!

Feadz is promoting his brand new P*N*M*B EP, comin' out on July the 6th!

We will party hard at Big Frog Stage with:
DJ MEHDI (dj set)
FEADZ (dj set)
PLUGS (live)
VICTEAM (dj set)

Out Frog stage:

It's all about People, Numbers, Money and Business!