giovedì 2 luglio 2009

Club Dogo - "Notte Killer"

Club Dogo is an italian hip-hop band: in 2003 started with their first album MI FIST (i think this is their best album, 'cause after MI FIST they became a bit too gangsta...ah ah, ok we live in Italy but you can't always rap about bitches, parties, cocaine and mafia!)

There are different great songs in MI FIST album, such as Cronache di resistenza or Indecifrabili (feat. Lamaislam) and of course Notte Killer:

A friend of mine send me this great sample ID from Rotterdam!
(Thank you Ema)

In this song, Club Dogo used a sample taken from It's a Shame by Alton Ellis, the king of rocksteady !

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