lunedì 18 maggio 2009

Flo Rida feat. Kesha - "Right Round"

Hello guys! We are starting a brand new week and this is our new sample found.

Today we are talking about a big commercial hit that is spinning on radio these days: he's Flo Rida and the song is Right Round (feat. Kesha) from his new album R.o.o.t.s.

In this Mtv interview he says that when he was young he's been inspired by 80's music, thanks to his 7 sisters. And so, here it is!

Listen to this song, and find where all the Flo Rida ideas come from...
This is Dead or Alive , it was 1989 , and the song was called You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)

I prefer the original version, though. 80s sounds rules!

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