lunedì 18 maggio 2009

Mr. Oizo - "Two takes it"

Welcome back!
Reading one of the best "samples finding" blog I was quite exciting to discover that:

Last Mr. Oizo album Lamb's anger contains al lot of smashing songs, one of this is Two Takes It feat. Carmen Castro

The vocal part is a sample taken from It Takes Two by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock

Of course, the father of all this beats and samples is 1972 track: Think (About it) by Lyn Collins

Listen at 1:37

Now let's go back to Mr. Oizo; the brass riff part is sampled from You Know How To Love Me by Phyllis Hyman

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Carsten ha detto...

-and the piano riff through the entire track is Patrice Rushen - "Never gonna give you up" from the album "Posh"