mercoledì 23 dicembre 2009

L-VIS 1990 - "Come Togheter"

"L-Vis 1990, a.k.a. James Connolly, is a Brighton-based renaissance man who turns his hand to graphic design and music videos for Riton and Van Helden as well as his thumping beats. Despite leaving behind his breaks background, L-Vis 1990 has come full circle and nods in that direction on more than one occasion.

Influenced by pretty much everything with a beat in club land, from Europe to the US and drum & bass to electro, L-Vis 1990 has coaxed together the best bits to create some wicked dance music: in the true sense of the word.

Rather cheekily, L-Vis 1990 held the official funeral of “new rave” at his Brighton club night, So Loud, last summer when it was still riding high in the mainstream press. As he recalls: "We painted a giant banner with the words "New Rave R.I.P" written in blood. I think that was the turning point for me, the return of bass". He has brought his self-titled “hyper bass” to save us all from suffocating in the all-consuming attack from the Ed Banger mafia."

(via DataTransmission)

In 2009 he released different white labels and EPs, such as United Groove, published on Mad Decent label.

United Groove Ep contains "Come together":

This song is a re-work of "Come together" by B.A.R. feat. Roxy a big 90s italodance project.

If you liked the "hyper bass sound" check out the L-Vis Dubplates Mix 09 and also the "Compass/Zahonda" EP.

It was released in October 2009 on Sound Pellegrino, a brand new house and techno label run by Orgasmic and Tekilatex.

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