giovedì 11 febbraio 2010

Samantha Fu - "Theme from the discoteque"

(Look at the bottom of the album cover and find out where is the dancer's hand slipping through... lol )

"Do you know where your teenager is at 5 o'clock in the morning?
Young people, things have changed
Today the question for parents is, it's 10 am
Do you know where your children are?

Do you know where your teenager is at 5 o'clock in the morning?
Dirty dancing
Some say they're gone looking for drugs
Dirty dancing and pounding techno music"

This was an amazing club hit, released in 2001, and, after a decade, it's still burning down the dancefloor.
The song was produced by a mysterious duo named Samantha Fu.
Today we all know that behind that name there were the outstanding Dewaele brothers, best known as Soulwax later.

David and Stephen Dewaele made "Theme form the Discoteque" for a play called Discoteca by Ghent-based theatre group Kung Fu.

The opening siren sound is taken from King of the Beats by Mantronix:

We can found the same siren sound in Disco Siren by Midfield General

The song produced by Damian Harris was, in fact, released with the collaboration of Xavier De Rosnay (Justice) , playing bass and drums, and then mixed by Soulwax themselves.

We ♥ the Dewaele brothers!

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