sabato 20 febbraio 2010

Riva Starr - "I was drunk"

Who doesn't know Riva Starr ?

Quoting his offcial MySpace page:

"...Riva Starr is a name that should be very familiar to anyone with an interest in modern house music. Having shot to the top after a string of head turning releases and remixes on some of the most talked about labels, Riva Starr couldn’t be hotter right now. What’s quite remarkable though is how quickly Stefano Miele, aka Riva Starr has established himself so prominently on a DJ/producer circuit that’s notoriously difficult to break into. It doesn’t hurt that Claude VonStroke and Jesse Rose, the two men who sit on top of the pile, happen to be two of his biggest fans.

So, how did the man from Naples rise from unknown to major player in just 2 years?
Like all good producers he’s earned his stripes and his current status is down to two things, hard work and talent.

Stef created the term “Snatch!” as a way of describing his bootleg remix style of snatching/pick pocketing other music styles for his own. It’s also a play on words with the type of folk/Balkan/rock music he draws inspiration from, often carrying that gypsy spirit..."

On October 2009 he released If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade out on Made to Play.
Stef draws inspiration from the Balkan music scene, an area of music that’s always been a personal interest. He shows his depth of knowledge by using the brilliant Noze on ‘I Was Drunk’.

The videoclip uses footage from Black Cat, White Cat by Balkan director Kusturica :

The song also contain a sample taken from No Comment by Beltuner:

Please check out the latest Riva Starr Essential mix made for Radio1 on Soundcloud!

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