venerdì 5 dicembre 2008

For your ear's pleasure!

Hello everybody! 
Simple it's a Sample is growing up fast than ever!
Started as a group  then extended on Facebook, now we landed as a blog here on .
Of course we are not intending to replicate the same content even here on the blog.
This page will host podcast and mixtapes that we are going to produce hopefully in a really short time.
I've just got my brand new Logic license, so it's a sort of personal challenge!
You can also send us your works if you want it, and we will post 'em here for you, with the complete playlist!
Stay tuned!
We are going to play something good for your ears pleasure!

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dj Paul ha detto...

Good Luck!

PS: Emanuele non so se conosci, blog francese sui campioni, fatto molto bene